Zaanse schans Tour

The famous literary figure Don Quichotte would go absolutely crazy if he had witnessed the windmills at the Zaanse Schans. This popular tourist attraction is a sight to behold, and with the addition of the Zaans Museum you will get to know why windmills are so important in the Dutch culture. Experience this Dutch phenomenon in style with our PrivateTaxiTours.Amsterdam taxi tour. Read more about the Zaanse Schans on this page, or contact our helpdesk for the current rates and other information.

Dutch windmills and houses bring history to life

De Zaanse Schans is part of Zaandam, a town near Zaandijk in The Netherlands. This area is famous for the exquisitely preserved windmills and old style Dutch houses. Most buildings you can see here did not originate in this area, but were transported here with lowboy trailers from 1961 up to 1974. In 1994 the Zaans Museum opened its doors, here you can learn more about our history with windmills. Actually there are seven different museums in this area including the Jasper House and the Bakery Museum. Not only is the Zaanse Schans a popular tourist destination, it is also an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.