Volendam Tour

If foreigners try to make a mental picture of The Netherlands, the image of Volendam will most likely pop into their heads. Volendam is a relatively small town of about 22,000 inhabitants, located in the province of North Holland, and is part of the municipality Edam-Volendam. You don’t have to take a time machine to visit old time Holland, just take a PrivateTaxiTours.Amsterdam personal taxi tour and drive there!

Traditional Dutch culture in Volendam

Antique fishing boats, traditional clothing and cheese, Volendam is an old painting come to life. You can still see some ladies walking about in traditional Dutch costumes, but don’t wait too long because the classic style is diminishing at a rapid pace! This town can be summed up as “quaint”, it is like time has stood still and you feel as if you are part of an era long gone by in Dutch history. Of course there’s a (small) museum you can visit to learn more about traditional Dutch culture, and you can even take a photo in traditional Dutch costumes. If you get out of the taxi from PrivateTaxiTours.Amsterdam you can get on one of the tourist boat rides and experience this town from the waterside. Don’t expect hustle and bustle here, Volendam is a place to relax and chill in a casual and classical Dutch atmosphere.